Family Name SACHS
Maiden Name
Other Names
Given Name Isak
Father Schimel / Simon
Mother Bluma / Betty nee HELSTEIN
Approximate Date of Birth 1920-03-30
Place of Birth Riga
Approximate Date of Death 1945 07 03
Place of Death Rehmsdorf / Troglitz
Place of Residence Before the War Riga
Place of Residence During the War Riga
Gender Male
Marital Status Single
Fate during the years 1941-1945 Ghetto, Buchenwald, Rehmsdorf / Troglitz, killed
  • [2] House Registers
  • [3] Birth Records
  • [10] List of inhabitants for 1939.
  • [248] Submitted by Bella Giterman.
  • [453] Files of Students of University of Latvia
Additional Notes